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Tracker Name Asiancinema
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Tracker Genre General
Tracker SignUp Invite Only
Maintain Ratio Easy
Bonus System Yes
Chatbox Yes
Banned Countries None

Tracker Description

AsianCinema is a community-built Movie/TV/FANRES database.Its a another Asian tracker beside Avistaz . Site is Active since 2017 . AsianCinema strong focus is on HD content, a proactive userbase, an awesome/secure codebase and a helpful and friendly Staff team.
Along with their extensive passion for movies and TV shows, they also offer one of the best selections of something that most don't - FANRES! A BIG THANK YOU to their content bringers.
While they do accept donations to keep the site up and running there will be no pestering PMs or banners on site. No begging from them. Site looks simple and decent though .
Site stats are looks like that Total Torrents are around 4496 and seeders and peers approximately are 20406 & 20539.Total number of users on the site are around 7489 Active users are 7298
& Banned users are 181. So indeed can be said its a active site with lots of contents .

Asiancinema usually have site freeleech & Global upload mood activated time to time so anyone can take advantage from them .
They have contents like BLuray disc Bluray remuxes WEBDL encodes from their internal. Lots of 480p DVD NTSC SD contents available in this tracker .
There are NF Amzn and other complete season pack release of Asian TV series also you can find this tracker .
This tracker completely dedicated to Asian contents so no Eng movies you can find it here .

They have Bonus system implanted so ratio maintain won't be difficult also with bps Personal 24Hr Freeleech can be bought for low ratio users .
Their invite system was very easy in the past but not any more they suddenly increase 1 invite cost to 200k bps any user class can use it though to invite others .

This site is currently invite only but they do open Application sign up time to time for new users .

In their site You must maintain a general overall ratio of 0.4 or better to download.
They have hit and run implanted & All torrents are required minimum 7 days of seedtime.

Asiancinema has their internal Group Lists named ARiN & Others like Anon Akai Zweig etc . So Their contents are available and uploaded here frequently .

Ranks promotion and some requirements for those are given below ===>
User- Upload '>=' 0 but '<' 1TB and ratio above sites minimum requirements.
Power User- Upload '>=' 1TB but '<' 5TB and account 1 month old.
Super User- Upload '>=' 5TB but '<' 20TB and account 2 month old.
Extreme User- Upload '>=' 20TB but '<' 50TB and account 3 months old. Trusted member.
Insane User- Upload '>=' 50TB but '<' 100TB and account 6 months old. Trusted member.
Veteran- Upload '>=' 100TB and account 1 year old. Special freeleech.
Seeder- Seeding count '>=' 150 and account 1 month old and seedtime average 30 days or better. Trusted member.
Archivist- Seeding count '>=' 150 and account 3 months old and seedtime average 60 days or better. Immunity from H&Rs & Special freeleech.

I hope you'll like my review guys , leaving you with screenshots.

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Pre-times 7/10
Speed 7/10
Content 7/10
Community 7/10
Overall 7/10