Tracker Name:ArabP2P
Tracker URL:
Tracker Genre:General
Ratio Requirements:Ratio Based
Birthday: Since 2011
Singup: Closed/Invite Only
Maintaining Ratio: Medium/Hard
Bonus System: Available
Banned Countries: None


ArabP2P is considered one of the best private Arabic Trackers if not the best.
In arabp2p you can download some torrents as a visitor but better files need to be a member by invite or donation.
The tracker have both internal and external uploads, therefore provides a big general content and exclusive releases.
Tracker has movies/anime subtitles merged in same video by "Arabic and English".
Tracker has movies/anime merged with 2 audios language "Arabic and English".
Tracker has Arabic TVseries & movies ,etc..
XXX is not allowed there, this is not your place if you looking for that
Only one rule that maybe some people can’t understand: It is forbidden to upload songs and religious files that contradict the doctrine of Sunnah “the largest denomination of Islam”
You can find almost anything Movie, TV, Games, Books, apps, documentaries, Islam content and more.
There is Section for foreign media like English movies, Asian, Hollywood, Bollywood and more.
You can request torrents and give the Uploader bonus in return.
The English layout of the site isn't complete, so most of the pages will be in Arabic even if you choose English language.
Also the rules states that any torrent descriptions should be written in Arabic. In brief, the site is meant to be for Arabic users only.
The bonus system allows to buy GB Upload, change your username, and buy invites.
There are a lot of torrents with freeleech status. more in RAMADAN content
Everyday there is 1 invite for lucky visitor, try to find the button called "Free invite"
The tracker has noIRC channel. Users communicate through forums, shoutbox, Facebook page, or support tickers for any help required from the staff.












Pretimes : 7/10
Speed : 8/10
Content : 8/10
Community : 8/10
Over all : 8/10