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Tracker SignUp Invite Only (very rarely open signups)
Tracker Genre Movies / TV
Seed Difficulty Easy
Banned Countries None

Tracker Description

  • ArabicSource is the one of the oldest and Trackers dedicated to Arabic Animated movies / TV content / Movies.

  • This tracker is perfect for all Arabic speaking users and would be pretty hard to understand for all others.
    The site has English version but this oprtion includes only basic translation for menu and personal information. Browser's auto-translation option work fine with it but still can't make it perfectly clear sometimes.

  • ASC has a lot of interesting Arabic and Indian films (mostly TV Rips) but almost none of this has English subtitles.

  • There is the "Exclusive" section with lots of movies, series, live performances, etc. which is available only to active users.
    Plus, a good part of section ("Top's" and some more) is also unavailable for newbies.

  • Speed is good and maintaining ratio is pretty easy with bonus system and some freeleech torrents.

  • Summing up, I can say that this tracker will be interesting for all Arabic speaking users. So if you're not, this is not the place you should get in the first place.

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Pretimes 6/10
Speeds 7/10
Content 8/10
Community 5/10
Overall 6/10