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Description is a private torrent site for Asian content specialized in: Movies, TV-Shows, Variety TV and Adult. Every day about 10 torrents are uploaded. There are many 25%, 50% or 100% freelech torrents, 2x Upload bonuses useful for maintaining the right ratio. This site has 2431 users and 896 torrents.It is sometimes open to new members.

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The Bonus System

The Bonus System is available and Bonus Points can be exchanced for Upload Credit or Custom Titles.

What do I get points for?
For every hour the system registers you as seeder you will receive 0.1 points per torrent. (Up to a maximum of 20 points per hour)
You will receive 30 points for each new torrent you upload. (Subject to a 12 hour delay to give us time to check the torrent.)
You will receive 10 points for each comment you make on a torrent.

Guides & FAQ


Q. Can I donate to AOX?
A. AOX accepts donations through Bitcoin or Paypal, any and all donations go solely to the well being of this site. Thank You!

Q.Does AOX have a place for support?
A. Yes, we do. You can visit our forum at or use our Contact Page on the log-in screen, we also have an IRC at Rizon #AOX.

Q.I am a Rights Holder
A. Send us an email to containing evidence that you are the legal holder of rights, or evidence that you represent the holder of rights
Your e-mail must be sent from your company mail, AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, will be ignored. Behave like an Adult and give us 3-4 days to reply. While there are no copyrighted or illegal content on AOX we do correspond to any e-mail.


Q.Is there a minimum ratio limit to download or upload?
A. The minimum required ratio for your account to function normally is 0.7, however we is recommended that you try to stay above 1.0 at all times.
Users with less than 1.0 Ratio will be added to the warning system, for each point your ratio drops you receive a new warning (total of 3). When your ratio drops below 0.7 you will become a Leech and your account will receive some restrictions. If your ratio continues to drop below 0.7 you will eventually be autobanned for leeching.
VIP users are exempt from this for as long as they remain in the VIP group.

Q.How long do I have to seed my torrents?
A. FOR AS LONG AS YOU CAN!!!!!!! General consensus is to try and re-seed each torrent to a 1.0 ratio, the longer the better.
Minimum accepted seeding time is 10 days, for torrents with less than 4 Seeders you should seed for as long as you possibly can.

Q.Can I request Torrents or Subtitles?
A. You can request torrents in the request section, you may add desired subtitles to your description. Read the Request rules before using the feature.
If you wish to request only a subtitle, you can do so in our forums.

Q.Are there download limits?
A.Leechers must wait 10 hours between each download.


Q.Can my account get deleted?
A. Accounts with no activity (upload/download) are pruned every 1-2 months.
Accounts with activity are pruned every 5-6 months of no activity (logging on).
Accounts that have not been validated within a couple of days will be automatically deleted.

Q.Can normal members upload?
A. All uploads posted by Newbie will be stopped for approval before posting to the site. Once you reach Member status this will no longer happen.


A. Users with a bad ratio, Leechers must wait 10 hours between each torrent they download. As a leech you may not upload new torrents or post requests, your sole priority at this point would be to re-seed old torrents.

A. Newly registered users. A newbie is permitted to download 7 torrents a day but can not upload nor use requests. You will automatically become a Member once you reach at least a 15GB upload with a 1.0 ratio or higher.

A. Regular users of the site, they have access to all the features but with limits.

A. Uploaders are chosen by the mods based on their consistency with uploading, quality of content and how organized and detailed their descriptions are.

A. Donators / Distinguished user. They are unrestricted.

A. AOX staff. In charge of appointing new uploaders, editing torrents and helping users.

A.Takes care of the daily activity on AOX.

A. Owner/Coder staff.






Bonus Points



Tracker Stats


Pre-Times 6/10
Speed 6/10
Content 6/10
Community 5/10
OverAll 5.7/10