4thDimension | 4thD | General | 2018 Review

Tracker Name: 4thDimension
Tracker URL: http://4thd.xyz
Tracker Signup: Closed / Invite only
Tracker Type: Ratio
Tracker Genre: General
Seed Difficulty: Easy
Ratio Helpers: FreeLeech
Tracker IRC: N/A
Bonus System: Yes
Chatbox: Yes
Banned Countries: None

Tracker Description:

4thDimension is a General private tracker, I have found that this tracker have a lot of old content that is still seeded, it is great for the users who are looking for old TV series or Movies, the site also offers FreeLeech grabs to assist with ratio build ups.
The seeding times for torrents is also good as per below:

All torrent must be seeded for a minimum of 2 days (48 hours) over a 7 day period
Packs should be seeded for a minimum of 5 days (120 hours) over a 10 day period

Torrents are not well seeded, but download speed is quite good on the seeded torrents.






Content 7/10
Speed 8/10
Pre-Time 7/10
Community 6/10
Overall 7/10