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Thread: 32pages | 32P | Comics | 2018 Review

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    32pages | 32P | Comics | 2018 Review

    32pages | 32P | Comics | 2018 Review

    Tracker name 32pages
    Tracker URL
    Category Comics
    Tracker Type Inkdrop Based
    Total torrents 39.000+
    Total members 5.100 / 7.000
    Tracker signup Invite / Application
    Getting in Medium
    Maintaining ratio Easy
    Freeleech & Bonus Yes
    IRC URL:, Port: 6697 (SSL)
    Channels: #32p | #Support | #Disabled |
    #Page69 (NSFW) | #Announce
    Banned Countries None
    Tracker birthday Apr 2010

    Tracker description, formerly known as ComicBT is a gazelle based tracker that focuses on comic books/graphic novels in cbr and cbz formats. Manga is not allowed unless it is officially translated and published by western publisher.
    Their collection is huge. They currently have around 39 000 torrents, and many of those are big franchise packs, so the number of actual comic books is far greater. Here you will find almost everything that has been published on english language. There's also quite a few scanlated (fan translated) comics. However, if you're looking for non-english comics that have never been translated to english you might not find them here. For example, italian Bonelli comics is huge publisher in italy and surrounding countries, but almost nothing is on 32p. For those specific cases, your best bet is to check best country-specific general trackers as they tend to have that stuff. Another option is to create request (72% of requests are filled in 32p).
    Almost everything is very well seeded. 32p is not ratio based tracker. They have inkdrops. 1 inkdrop = 1 megabyte. At the beginning you're given 10 000 inkdrops (iirc). For each downloaded megabyte, 1 inkdrop is removed from your balance. For each uploaded megabyte, 1 inkdrop is added to your balance. Many of the comic book franchise packs are freeleech, which means no inkdrops are removed when you download, but when you upload you get inkdrops. Bonus system is present and is calculated based on how many gigabytes you are seeding, and for how long you have been seeding.
    Community is very active and passionate about comic books. Almost everyone is very friendly and welcoming on forums and IRC.
    I am yet to see someone giving away 32p invite either here or on reddit, although invites are not very hard to get when you upgrade your class. That being said, applications for this tracker are open on first day of every month. It will take some days to get a response, but if you're passionate enough and know about comic books, you won't have trouble getting in.

    My ratings

    Pretimes 9/10
    Content 9/10
    Speeds 9/10
    Community 9/10
    Overall 9/10










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    Nice review!
    In my mind in my head this is where we all came from
    Dreams we had the love we shared this is what we're waiting for

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