3 Evils | 3E | General | 2019 Review

Tracker Name 3 Evils
Tracker URL https://3evils.com/
Tracker Signup Invite Only
Tracker Type Ratio Based
Seed Difficulty Medium
Tracker IRC None

Tracker Description

- 3 Evils is a general ratio based tracker which began around mid 2018.

- The tracker UHD-Torrents recently merged with 3 Evils and gave previous users of UHD-T around 100 invites to get their member count up.

- Members of 3 Evils can scroll to the bottom of the homepage and read the tracker stats with around 340 registered members, 1,771 uploads and a low number of daily online users.

- Like any other general tracker they offer apps, ebooks, games, movies, music and TV content. Most torrents have 2/3 seeders so ratio may be a little difficult to build but as you can see in the screens they do offer freeleech so stick with these torrents.

- The homepage hosts a shoutbox which is more active than their forums and a member ran radio. If you want to spin some tunes or learn how to just drop the tracker admin a PM.

- Their bonus point system seems fair when compared to some other trackers. You will earn 1 bonus point for every hour you seed a torrent but this comes with conditions. You can lose points for breaking rules, deleting uploads, deleting forum posts/topics etc which seems a bit shitty.

- Donations start from 10 USD with the most expensive package costing you 100 USD. You will receive VIP & donor status, freeleech, credited upload, bonus points, invites and immunity for so many weeks/months depending on the amount you spend. Payment method is via PayPal only.



TV Guide



Bonus System


Pretimes -
Community 5/10
Content 6/10
Speed 5/10
Tracker Rating 5/10