[Google Translated]

Taking advantage of the end of the holiday and the return to normal, we reopen the doors this weekend.

The opening hours will be from 12.00 noon on Friday 15 September, until 12.00 noon on Sunday 17 September (Peninsular Spain time).

As the previous times, the entry will be made only and exclusively by the emergency forum (better known as Q3): http://www.qqqueros.com

During those 48 hours everyone who wants to enter ZonaQ must register first in the emergency forum and open a new thread, where they must explain how they have met us, tell us why they think it would be good for us to have them as partners in ZonaQ, give us details of their experience in other P2P websites (if they have one), etc. In this sense, in case they already belong to other trackers, it will be essential that they also tell us what their nick is on those websites, the time they take, the amount of torrents they have uploaded, the ratio they have, etc.

That is, anything that is relevant to help us decide whether or not we open a ZQ account. Of course, as a proof of ratio, you must attach captures of those webs where you must clearly see the nick and tracker from which the capture comes. All users who sign up for Q3 over the weekend will be given a survey and those who deserve it will be given a ZQ account and will not be denied. And of course, those who instead of opening a new thread to appear in public, try to solve it through private messages will be automatically rejected.

You can notify all your friends of this news and spread it through the websites you are on (provided that these sites are allowed to announce this type of things) so that you can find out as many people as possible who might be interested in belonging to ZQ . From Monday 18, please enter if you can also in Q3 and see what they are posting all the new ones that have entered, to let us know if you recognize someone who is trustworthy (to sponsor and support your entry into ZQ) or some that is undesirable (to recommend that we reject it). These notices can be done either publicly (by replying in the same thread that the corresponding novice has opened) or by sending a PM to any moderator or administrator.