The tech giant has recently announced important steps to encrypt its users’ information following Snowden’s revelations about the government surveillance. The company’s Chief Information Security Officer, who was just appointed to the position, claimed that he was going to make sure all Yahoo traffic will be encrypted by default.
Yahoo has introduced HTTPS on almost every aspect of its online presence in a bid to lock the American government spooks out of its networks. Late in 2013, it turned out that the National Security Agency was tapping into the cables of the Yahoo and Google and email providers, even those residing outside the United States.

The company’s announcement is expected to demonstrate how far it has gone to keep the spies out. Yahoo explained that it has mostly dealt with the problem by rolling out HTTPS for its services. By the end of March 2014, data traveling between Yahoo data centers have been fully encrypted.

Since then, all searches performed within Yahoo and its properties use HTTPS for encryption. Even emails sent between Yahoo Mail and other providers can make use of HTTPS if the other part supports the SMTPTLS protocol. In addition, Yahoo promised to roll out a fully encrypted version of its Messenger software in the nearest future.

The company issued an official statement saying that the users are encouraged to ensure that they are using the encrypted channels, or manually switch to them by typing “https” instead of the usual “http” in their browsers when access Yahoo services.