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Thread: XWT News

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    XWT News

    XWT's 10 Year Anniversary!

    We have reached a massive milestone, not only within the torrent community but within the internet in general. Because today, XWT has been online for TEN YEARS! That's right, a decade. I am still shocked that something that has always been a hobbie has grown into the huge community we now have. This website would not have stayed online all these years without your support. Whether that is by uploading torrents, seeding your torrents or helping us pay our monthly server bill. As long as we continue to have your support, we will be online for many more years to come!

    A new feature has been added to the entire site. You will now see an advanced chat bar on the bottom of the page. This will allow members to communicate with each other directly, or via our new shoutbox. Please be aware that we allow spoilers to be posted, so if there is a PPV bein'g aired, hide the bar if you don't want to see any spoilers in our shoutbox! (you do have to open the shoutbox to view anything). This has been added to continue to help grow our community spirit.

    We are also having a special donation competition due to our anniversary. Not only will everyone receive double upload credit, everyone who makes a donation will also be entered into a raffle. All winners will be chosen at random and will receive 1 YEAR Free Leech on ALL Torrents. And because it is our 10 year anniversary, there will be 10 winners!

    A special thanks as always goes to xxxx for our new site graphics.

    This is a birthday after all, so enjoy the presents. <3

    **Clap** THANK YOU MEMBERS **Clap**

    - Full Re-Design Of Our Tracker (Clear Cache & Refresh If It Doesn't Show)
    - XWT-Classics 8 Year Anniversary (Check There For Details)
    - 7 Day Free Leech On ALL Torrents (Ends October 8th)
    - 5 GiG Upload Credit For EVERYONE
    - 2 Day Double Upload On ALL Torrents (Upload 100meg and you receive 200meg and so on)
    - Free Leech For A YEAR Raffle - Make Any Donation To Be Automatically Entered (10 Winners!) (Ends October 10th)
    - 7 Day Double Upload Credit When Making A Donation
    - 1 Invite Has Been Given To ALL Members
    - Womens Wrestling Category Added
    - Advanced Chat/Notification Bar Added To XWT (Spoilers ARE ALLOWED!)
    - Search Torrents Via Description Added
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