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    Xtreme Wrestling Torrents (XWT) News

    Summerslam Raffle!

    Due to the positive feedback we received for our Wrestlemania Raffle, we are hosting a giveaway raffle for each of the "Big 4" PPV's. Not only will you be entered into our Summerslam Raffle, you will receive x2 Upload Credit!

    The prizes you could win are:

    x8 Free Leech/Double Upload Slots Giveaway
    x4 Free Leech For A YEAR Winners!
    x3 100GiG Upload Credit & VIP Status Winners!
    x2 50GiG Upload Credit Winners!

    That's right, there will be a total of 17 winners during this year's Summerslam Raffle.

    You can make a donation of ANY amount and you will then be automatically entered into our Summerslam Raffle!

    We will announce the winners on August 24th. Good luck!


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