Changes Recap, Contest, & Gambling
Site Improvements Recap

For those that missed our addition to the previous News post about the site improvements, we've completed quite a few major changes to the layout if the site, specifically in terms if widening it. We have completed the implementation of these improvements and will continue to rework as many of the old banners as we can to work with the new site layout and banner system.

Here are some specifics on the changes:
- Dynamic resizing. The site will scale down from fullscreen on a 1080p monitor to a 1024px wide (or less) monitor very well. This should benefit the browsing experience of members no matter what resolution they are viewing the site at.
- Simply more space for other site features and improvements now. Browse page has a lot more space, forums have more space and thread title length maximums can probably increase, etc.
- Redesigned the banner to be dynamic and scale to fit your screen; for example whether you're browsing at fullscreen or with the window partially open it should scale itself perfectly.
- Changed the placement of a bunch of the links and stats that are placed below the banner and above the searchbar. Use the "Statsbar" option on your account options to turn these stats/links on and off.

More details can be found in the forums here

Request Filling Contest

We're putting together a little contest with the goal of filling all of the older unfilled requests on the site that we possibly can. Currently the request system has over 1000 requests, and about 80% of them are filled. While 80% is a great number and one we're happy with, that still leaves over 200 unfilled requests. We'd like to put a large dent in that number and would like to ask our users to help wherever they can. If you encode, fantastic. A lot of the unfilled requests are for movies that only exist in standard definition on DVD, and they should therefore be very quick to encode versus a Blu-Ray and HD. If you don't encode that's fine too, just look for any requests that you can find on other trackers, usenet, etc.

We will be handing out prizes to everyone that participates, with up to 5 users getting a larger Grand Prize!
- Everyone who participates will receive: their choice of either a custom title or 100GB in upload credit (pick one).
- Grand Prize will be a custom title, 500GB in upload credit, and 10,000 bonus points.
- VIP promotion may be added to the Grand Prize if we can get a lot of participation and get to 90% filled on requests.

There will be a request cutoff date of 2017-02-15! Any request made after that date is NOT part of this competition and does not count towards it. We encourage users to fill newer requests too, but there has to be a cutoff for this competition or people may try some "inventive" measures to win involving a boatload of new requests and flooding the system... and we just can't have that now can we.

This Competition will last approximately 5 weeks until 2017-03-23! For additional information see this topic in the forums here.

Please be sure if you intend to participate in this competition that you follow all the Uploading Rules. This should be pretty easy for most content, especially 720p and 1080p. But standard definition (SD) content can get a little tricky with some users finding it hard to understand what is allowed and what isn't. If you have any questions on if your upload is allowed and if it will properly fill a specific request, just hop onto IRC and ask a Staff member for a quick response.

Bet On The Oscars!

The Oscars are just over 1 week away on February 26th, and ampiifire suggested we do something special for it... in the form of gambling! :w00t: :w00t:

Anyone who wants to gamble some bonus points with the potential for big wins should check out the Oscars Bonus Point Betting going on here!. There is the potential to win 250,000 bonus points.