New Bonus Point Spending Options

We're happy to introduce a couple new options that users can spend their bonus points on. We promised a while back when we introduced buying invites with bonus points that we would try to eventually introduce some other things too.

Well that time for more options is now! :smile:

Custom Title Text: Users can now buy a custom title. This is custom text that appears next to your nick in the forums, torrent comments, and appears in your profile next to your user class. Please try to avoid any typos and begging staff for points back, and the same rules on content that apply to the forums and torrent comments also apply to custom titles (nothing racist, offensive, vulgar, etc). Staff will be reviewing all titles that are bought to ensure that the custom title is within the rules and that the system applies it correctly.

Sticky and Freebie a torrent for 3 days: Pick a torrent for staff to make free and sticky to the top of the browse page for 3 days. Your pick may have to wait in a queue behind others if this becomes a popular option. The queue can be found in the forums here, along with more information regarding this new option.

If you want to check out these new bonus point spending options, just head over to the Seeder Bonus page.

There is a forum topic here for any questions or comments in regards to these new features, along with reporting any bugs or other issues you may encounter.