2022.07.10 - "Winter Cherry's Official Production Team Recruitment Plan" is valid for a long time
Dear Wintersakura family

, thank you for your support of WinterSakura since we started our website in early July!
Since we have just established a website, we are not very familiar with management, and there may be some unreasonable points. You can speak freely and send relevant feedback and suggestions to the mailbox of the management team:
https://wintersakura.org/sendmessage.php ?receiver=1

However, nowadays, in order to meet the survival and development needs of the site, as well as the more and more high-definition demands of the gradually increasing members, I am grateful for this hard-won fate, and deeply feel the heavy responsibility and obligation on my body. , we must manage this hard-won team well, in order to create more abundant and high-quality resources for our members!
Only with your participation can the site grow rapidly!
The WinterSakura official team is eager for talents and is looking for all kinds of production talents. We urgently need the injection of fresh blood to strengthen our team!

Apply for a position or want to join a study group:
Personal situation:

1. Subtitle group (full)

1) Original translation To translate
with English subtitles, a very high level of written English and Chinese is required.

the original Chinese characters on the original disk or the cooked meat video on the Internet into text subtitles requires a rigorous and careful work style.

3) Modulation
Adjust the subtitle timeline to accurately match the Blu-ray video; adjust the format to meet the subtitle typesetting requirements of the DIY team.

4) Proofreading
Perform primary and final proofreading of the completed subtitles above, correct errors and omissions, and submit the finished subtitle text to the team leader.

2. Video suppression group

1. With or without suppression experience, introductory tutorials and guidance can be provided for those without experience;
2. The hardware requires a minimum CPU of 6 cores@2.5Ghz; the minimum network bandwidth is 100Mbps downlink/10Mbps uplink;
3. Strong learning ability! In particular, the ability to self-learn, to search and to solve problems independently.
4. The software used is mostly English software, so it needs to have a certain English foundation.

3. Unofficial resource release group

1. Love WinterSakura, love to share, have positivity, and have an upload bandwidth of more than 5M/s;
2. Have accounts of major PT stations at home and abroad, and can forward all kinds of non-DIY items in the first time for a long time. For the original disk resources, those with TOPSITES site accounts are preferred;
3. There are PT station accounts of major foreign drama series, which can forward the latest WEB overseas drama resources for a long time;
4. There is a lot of online time, and you can always pay attention to the release status of relevant resources.

4. Unofficial resource conservation group

1. Love WinterSakura, love to share, have enthusiasm, have a certain amount of free time, and have an upload bandwidth of more than 5M/s;
2. Have a relatively large-capacity hard disk (more than 20T free) for hanging up, It can save various unofficial and unDIY original disk resources for a long time;
3. There is a relatively large-capacity hard disk (more than 20T free) for hanging up, which can save various WEB overseas drama resources for a long time;
4. Follow the rules and obey manage.

Assessment requirements:

1. There will be a one-month study and probation period after registration;
2. The assessment requirements for each group are different, but as long as you are hard-working, diligent and studious, and believe in yourself, you will definitely pass the assessment;
3. With serious efforts Those who still fail to pass the assessment will be rewarded with 50,000 mana points and reduced to the original user level.

Join treatment:

1. After officially joining the group, the Uploader level or the same level will be regarded as a member of the official production team. The level is higher than the VIP level, exempt from data assessment, and can send an invitation code during the non-invitation period of the site;
2. Officially joined members will be Invited to join the internal communication working group, and will be rewarded as a group meeting ceremony;
3. After officially joining the group, you can adjust to other groups according to your hobbies and site development needs, and the site will provide professional technical guidance to gain richer learning opportunities and become yourself The tech giant in my heart!
4. The team leader will pay the salary every month (additional magic value calculated according to the workload, excellent publishers will get 1 invitation code for this site or 1 invitation code for other sites);
5. At the end of each year, the team leader will count the workload of the year And calculate and issue year-end milestone rewards;
6. Dedicated and diligent formal team members will be promoted according to their work ability, and will be promoted to team leaders, moderators, administrators, etc., and receive exclusive treatment and rewards;
7. Dedicated and diligent formal team members Members, who meet the requirements of working years, will be granted permanent VIP treatment by the webmaster after retirement.