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Thread: What.CD News

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    What.CD News

    We'd like to encourage our users to invite their trusted friends to What.CD. As part of our birthday celebration, we're offering ONE BONUS INVITE! to everyone in the User and Member classes who meet the following conditions:

    Your ratio must be greater than or equal to 0.7
    You must not have any unused invites
    You must have all privileges enabled (including invite privileges)
    You must be active on the site (defined as: 5GB downloaded or 3.5 GB uploaded or 5 uploads or 25 posts)

    For everyone else, we'll be running the invites script early. You can find your invites by visiting your Invite Page. It is our sincere hope that you'll take the time to thoughtfully consider people you know who belong in the What.CD community. Welcome aboard, newcomers!

    Remember: Invites must be used responsibly. Under no circumstances should you invite users who have had or currently have accounts. Under no circumstances should you trade or sell your invites. Under no circumstances should you offer your invites in public, or respond to public invite requests. If you aren't familiar enough with the user to trust them, we suggest not inviting them.
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