JUST when people thought it was safe to illegally download again, Village Roadshow sent a harsh warning to Aussie pirates.

After successfully forcing ISPs to block a number of popular piracy websites last December, Village Roadshow co-chief executive said the company was continuing its push “big time”.

The move follows Village Roadshow and Foxtel’s landmark Federal Court case, which asked for piracy websites Solar Movie, Pirate Bay, Torrentz, TorrentHound and IsoHunt to be blocked in Australia by ISPs like Telstra and Optus.

A federal judge handed down the ruling, which stipulated ISPs must “take reasonable steps to disable access” to such sites.

The victory opened the door for a major crackdown on websites hosting illegal streaming services and torrents, and Village Roadshow plans to spearhead this movement.

Mr Burke said the public could expect to see similar cases when court resumes in February.
“[While I can’t give details] there’s a list as long as my arm,” he told Mashable.

Despite sounding troubling, it’s widely known the overall success of site blocking applications is far from easy, with VPNs, new access points and mirror sites all offering relatively easy workarounds for pirates.

People also suggested quicker and more affordable access to content would be a better solution.

Source: The Advertiser [AdelaideNow.com.au]