2022.07.28 - Korean Drama Blu-ray Seed Contest

1. This site has decided to hold the Korean Drama Blu-ray Seed Contest from August 1st to 31st. You can prepare in advance. As long as it does not stand on the [banned] Korean drama Blu-ray, it can be released under license. After submitting the candidate, the official group told the administrator and passed it directly. Avoid submitting multiple candidates by one person. If the candidate is approved after submission, the next candidate can submit the candidate if it is not released or not seeded after 3 hours. The premise is that after publishing, the publisher does the seeding by himself. Publishing seeds alone is invalid, and everyone can supplement seeds after publishing.

2. For each Blu-ray of Korean drama, the publisher must do seeding for one month. Until the end of the Korean drama Blu-ray seeding contest.

3. Reward rules: Each Korean drama Blu-ray will be rewarded with 100,000 mana, and [must] publish it myself [must] be seeded for one month. Reach 5 K-drama Blu-rays to add an invitation. 2 in 10, and so on.

4. This event is the last time this site will hold a seeding competition. The purpose is to include Korean drama Blu-ray, as for whether there is seeding a month after the release, it doesn't matter. Just for inclusion, it is better to have members who do seeds. In fact, I donít really want to hold a Korean drama Blu-ray seeding competition. Korean drama Blu-rays are all extra-large packages. As long as a few large packages of Korean dramas are supplemented, the seeding points can reach one million points after one year. The premise is that the upload and download are enough to upgrade. . You can see the [Special Area]. Secondly, it has an impact on the official species and conservation of this site, but the two cannot have both. Specially held once. 5.

[Don't publish banned resources] [Don't publish banned resources] [Don't publish banned resources], say important things three times, don't make trouble for the site, remember.

6. Rewards will be issued on October 1st.

7. Except for the pirated seeds circulating outside the four volumes, it is forbidden to publish from unknown sources. They are: Ghosts 625.26GB, Renyi 340.1GB, Pinocchio 362.18GB, Palace 413.13GB, the original original disks corresponding to the above are forbidden to transfer and release. In short, please check whether it is banned before posting.