UltimateGamer.Club Rules for uploading

What type of content is allowed on UGC?

UGC is a game focused tracker. Uploaded content MUST be of that genre with the exception of the COMICS catagory which was added by member initiative, STAFF PICKS chosen and uploaded by staff at there discretion, and BREAK TIME releases, UGC's own internal movie release group.

All uploads should be properly tagged and sized accordingly. Unreasonably large torrents will be removed. Please do not reupload content that is still active on UGC. If your version is different somehow I.E. region, release group, update version etc. etc. that is ok and encouraged.

The Automatic Description Builder is a fantastic asset provided to the members of UGC that makes uploading incrediblely easy! However every tool must be used correctly for the best possible results. When using the ADB it is important to remember that: 1.) you MUST use either a GOG or Steam URL of the game you are uploading. No other content provider is utilized at this time. 2.) YOU STILL HAVE TO ADD THE INSTALL INFORMATION! This is done easily, simply by going to the description box and adding "install" {no quotes, add colons} followed by the install information.
The ADB will automatically add the install information to the correct spot in the populated description.

It is the uploaders responsibility to insure their uploads adhere to the aforementioned rules. Failure to do so could lead to the suspension of a users right to upload content.

Which are the optimized piece sizes when creating a torrent file?

Piece Size Range File Size
32kb under 50MB
64kb under 150MB
128kb under 350MB
256kb under 512MB
512kb under 1GB
1MB (1024kb) under 2GB
2MB (2048kb) under 4GB
4MB (4096kb) under 8GB
8MB (8192kb) under 16GB
16MB (16384kb) above 16GB

What is the optimal image size when uploading/editing a torrent?

The image displayed at the top of the torrent page (the only one that can be uploaded to our servers) has an optimal (ie the size it's displayed at) of 550x260 pixels (2.1/1 aspect ratio). If the image has different dimensions it will be resized when uploaded in a way that depends on its size:

If image width and height are at least 50% of optimal size and aspect ratio is within 20% of optimal aspect ratio the image will be cropped to fit exactly 550x260 so outer parts of the image may be removed to reach the correct ratio and image will be zommed in or out depending on its size
If image with or height isn't at least 50% of optimal size and aspect ratio is over or under 20% of optimal aspect ratio then the image will be resized to fit inside a 550x260 rectangle while preserving it's original aspect ratio, no parts of the image will be removed.

How does the automatic description builder feature works?

It's really simple: just paste the URL from the source website and let the tool build the description for you by scraping all the data from the source page !

Here's what's imported into the description:

Main game image used on torrent page (don't need to use a separate one but still possible)
Base game info (name, release date, publisher, developper, genre tags)
Supported languages (audio and text)
Game features (such a single player, multiplayer etc.)
VR support info (if any)
System requirements (only those concerning the selected category/platform are added to the description)
Game description text
Game screenshots (automatically hosted on remote image hosting service)
Video trailer (automatically hosted on remote video hosting service)[/color]

When uploading a torrent: Only fill the "install" section of the description, the rest will be automatically filled.

When editing a torrent if you change the source URL or check the "refresh data" checkbox the current description will be completely overwritten by the newly generated one, and will lose what you may have manually edited, so please make of copy of your changes first and do a second edit to re-add them to the new description.

What are the supported sources for use with the description builder?

Here is the list of supported source websites:
Steam: URL should be like http://store.steampowered.com/app/<app id>/
GOG: URL should be like https://www.gog.com/game/<game name>

How do I remove one of my torrent?

You can't since only staff have that power for security reasons.

To delete one of your torrent, simply send a PM to a staff member and provide the link of the torrent and the reason for the deletion (error/dupe/...)

What TAGS should i use in the torrent's title?

[REQ] A filled member made request.

[Internal] This tag is for any upload from one of UGC's release groups who as if now include BreakTime doing movies and OVERCLOCKED doing games.

[Scene] Tag used for any release by a scene group.

[P2P] Tag is used for any release group that isnt scene.

[Home Rip] Used for games cracked by members using scene tools.

[Cracked] Used for Denuvo releases that the scene gods deliver to us that are playable.

[VR] Tag used for games only playable via special VR hardware.

[VR Optional] Game is playable on PC and or VR.

[GOG] Good Old Games, these only require you to run the install to play.

[Early Access] Games in development.

[True PDF] Magazine releases in PDF format

[Comics] Tag used for Comics/Graphic Novels

As always if you have any comments, questions, or concerns please don't hesitate to PM staff.