We are using Emp branch of gazelle on the new platform (with help from Emp devs), we still havent applied our custom css so it will have a different feel and look. Old code would have taken FOREVER to go thru and fix properly, we will be making the new site as much like the old as possible but with new gazelle features and ofc the security gazelle is known for. Old code was outdated base with a bunch of new great code heaped on top we feel we can make a much better site this way instead of trying to save a sinking ship.
We also wont be using the grouping option that gazelle is known for so will still have the old site feel.
We have started to migrate user accounts over so no need to resign up, as for torrents we are in the process of migrating those and they should be all good to go once site is running. (might have to update tracker is all).
Rest assured UGC will stay donation Free.