Wow here we are everyone its the 1 year birthday of UGC, 1 year ago today UGC opened its doors to wayward gamer's in need of a stable home.

UGC made a promise to its members that we would never ask for a single cent from you and we are proud to say this still stands true. UGC has seen amazing growth from the community to the site and the many features our code team have spent countless hours perfecting that you requested.
The staff team is humbled by the sheer amount of love and support we have received both from you and from other sites in our small realm of the internet.
The lose of a few giants shows us how fragile our "homes" can be making this birthday all that more important because we will stand together and thrive under oppressive circumstances that is the pirate way! The entire staff of UGC would like to thank each and every member from the bottoms of our hearts for making this site what it is today cause without you UGC would be nothing.

Ok now that im dont rambling on lets get to the fun stuff! We have set up a special forum section for the celebration found HERE and HERE Once the celebrations begin these forums will be unlocked and the fun can begin.

Celebration will include:
-The site will be freeleech for the next week
-Many contests with awesome prizes including seedboxes, invites, upload credit and bonus points. (There is a contest for everyone)
-Even some surprises along the way.

Hope you all enjoy and join in the fun over the next week and from all of us have a great 2017!