Uploading Rules Changes

We are adding 2 new Rules that will affect all newly Uploaded content.

First, we are no longer allowing .iso format uploads, this was accepted for full BD content. Any past upload in this format is subject to being removed, so if you have something to replace them, now would be a great time to do that.

Second, .srt files are no longer accepted to be included in the torrent. Make your torrents excluding those files and upload the .srt files separately using the Subtitles feature. We are not going to be going through the back catalogue to fix this, but if we do come across content that is hard to seed because of these files we will be replacing them with a torrent done properly.

As a final note, we have been seeing a lot of releases that have been altered from the original, these are subject to being deleted as we come across them. And, we urge everyone uploading to quit uploading content that has been altered, it makes it a pain to cross seed and keep the content alive. If you don't have access to the original, don't upload it.

Thanks for your understanding,
UHDbits.org Team!