Well folks Twilight will be 9 years old in two days April 4th. Now you will notice there is a birthday present for
each and every member. You can not open your present until April 4th 12:00 AM.
Its has been a great journey.A lot of highs and lows through the years.

As you all know it takes a lot of donations to run all our servers so during this time. We
do not mind you giving Twilight a birthday present rofl. Just a sneaky way of asking for

Now if you miss your birthday present on the 4th I am sorry. The presents will be cut off
by April 5th sometime when I get off work ,or in the morning possibly.

As you may not know we are running 5 servers here and it does cost a bit.

Please feel free to visit our other sites. We are open signup for 2 more days then we go back to invite only
and the invites are rare. So tell your friends to signup right away.


The Twilight staff