Invite only

We have closed the doors at Twilight.
We are invite only now for a while.

We did make our server costs this month.

today is the last day of the free leech.

We have over 25,000 uploads going right now.

We have stopped the monthly update emails lately because of all
the recent changes in trying to get a proper method of donating.

Thank God we finally have a secure and easy way for you to support Twilight
and our other sites.

So for now invite your friends.

Also the site staff have been discussing changes in the upload amount and freeleech slots and
bonus points.

With the larger size of movies etc we may be raising these amounts for
new users.

If we do this the coder will add the changes to all users.For example if we give 10gigs instead of 5
he will code it in to add 5 gigs to all existing members since when you join you get 5.The same for any other

Thats if we do decide to raise these.

Well that is all I can think of as far as updates and changes to Twilight.

Again the staff thanks all of you that pitched in and helped with the server costs this month.

Thank you all