Just a gentle reminder of some changes made here at TWs

The bots now WILL only seed to 1:1 and once that happens the GiG speeds off the server will drop to 50Kb/s.

I know some will say thats not fair but what it does is give EVERYONE, this includes YOU!! (lol) the chance to seedback what you take.

I may change this to a higher speed just so it balances the need for speed with the need to seedback and share.

The bots, over time, have amassed a huge amount of KARMA which they cannot use, so its your turn to make plenty of KARMA.

So PLEASE, once you have the files you want LEAVE them seeding as long as you possibly can and give back to your fellow users.

We still do not and will not impose Hit and Run penalties.

So again, in order to ensure everyone gets their torrents in a timely manner I urge you all to seedback as long as you can.

Thanks in advance.