From site's staff on their Facebook page:

Things are quietening down now so I am going to go out for a few hours. Please continue to send me messages if you are having trouble getting in and I will get to them as soon as possible on my return.

Again don't forget to include your user name in any messages....I can't find my crystal ball (I know it is here somewhere amongst the chaos, but where escapes me).
If any of you is a very recent sign-up (ie September) please mention that as well

For those wanting faster action do try the forgot password button...but only do it once! If you haven't got an email 2 hours later it is not going to come how ever many times you try so you should just come back here.

Please please guys, stop sending me messages with site related questions. I honestly can't answer them as I have barely had a chance to even look at the site myself yet, let alone its inner workings. There are plenty of staff on site who can help if you need something...either in the forums or by scrolling to the bottom of the site and opening the staff list to send a message to an individual (not me preferably, I am here!).

There have been some reported issues with clients, notably Vuze.....if your client is not working then the only option is to change to one that is for the time being. For PC the best options are stil our favourite old ut versions 1.8.2 or 2.2.1 and for Mac we know that Deluge works well and I have just been told that BiglyBT is good and seamlessly imports from Vuze.....many others are fine as well so it is up to you what you use, as long as it works. This and many other issues will be addressed over the coming weeks, but we need time to sort out more pressing issues first.

On a personal note I would like to thank everyone for their incredible support, patience and good humour over the past few days. I literally would have thrown in the towel were it not for some of your messages making me laugh!

See you in a bit (once I have consumed an unfeasible amount of gin and had something to eat that is actually hot and not eaten from a packet on my keyboard)

Love you all....LL (still nothing dangling)