The Start of a New Era for TVChaos!

At last, the news that we've all been waiting for! It's been a long few months, since the site was unexpectedly and suddenly taken away from us, but we've finally made it.

New tracker software was installed on Wednesday, after being custom modified by the original developer, in conjunction with our own tech wizards, to run with the new site software, and since then we have been working flat out to resolve the few remaining problems. This work has now been completed and the site should, for the first time since we re-appeared last year, now be working correctly and at full capacity.

The one compromise that we have had to make, while rebuilding the database, is that we have had to start all the torrents seed time from scratch. Apologies for this, but we hope that everyone will understand that it was unavoidable. This means that any torrents less than 1GB you are currently seeding will not earn bonus points for another 30 days.

I hope that we can now all put the last months of frustration behind us, and look forward, with the help of our hard working cappers and you, the loyal members, to making the site even bigger and better than before! Thank you.