From site's staff on their Facebook page:

Hello folks!

I realised that I had not posted for a while so this is just to let you know that I am still resetting accounts quietly in the background.

More and more people are forgetting to include their details in their messages......
Guys, I really can't tell who you are from your FB names, I wish that I could, but I can't so please, please, please mention your username and the email address registered to the site. If you can't quite remember either your name or your email have a fact have loads of guesses so that I have something to go on!

I have been getting quite a few messages about red torrents and download/seeding not working....these are 2 separate issues:

1) If you have torrents which go red for a while with error 503 (cannot parse bencoded data) please read the "news" section on the home page for a full explaination.

2) If however, you are unable to download and/or seed then you should try with a different client as many clients are not working well with the tracker (including many utorrent and Vuze versions). Biglybt is popular at the moment so that would be a good one to try.

Again a very happy 2020 to you all!