President Donald Trump seems to enjoy calling any news organization that isn't favorable towards him "fake news." He has overused the term to the point that it is a parody of itself -- when it leaves his lips, at least. With that said, fake news is a legitimate concern. There have been cases where organizations have shared news that was either untrue or misleading. Sometimes this is caused by bad reporting, but in other cases, it could be intentional -- such as spreading fake news and advertisements on Facebook to help someone get elected, for instance.

Today, TVAddons -- a Kodi community website/group that focuses on addons -- announces that it is fed up with fake news about Kodi. In fact, it even calls out some news organizations and specific articles that it argues spread falsehoods about the open source media center. It is a great read, and the group shares explanations as to why each news story is "fake news" or "clickbait."

"Fake news is everywhere these days. Fake news (or clickbait) is normally published for financial gain, by attracting huge amounts of visitors through highly sensationalized or even blatantly false headlines. Kodi is not immune to the fake news epidemic plaguing our society. Hundreds of fake news stories spreading completely falsehoods about Kodi and Kodi addons have been published across the web," says TVAddons.

The group further says, "Next time you see some nonsense being spread online about Kodi or TV ADDONS, ignore it. We believe that most of these fake news sites are spreading falsehoods because they are being paid by evil corporations who want to destroy Kodi. At the same time, a sensational headline definitely attracts more clicks, and each time someone visits their web sites, they make a quick buck off the traffic. Moral of the story: learn how to distinguish fake news from legitimate news and you won’t be fooled in the future!"

While the TVAddons blog post is interesting and informative, we here at BetaNews cannot speak to the validity of the claims that these organizations or their articles are "fake news." Instead, we'll let you form your own opinions on the subject. It is important to note, however, that nothing about Kodi in its pure state is illegal.