720p Files Will Not be Made Freeleech Anymore

It has come to our attention that with more and more torrents coming out in HD, and our "safe date" advancing steadily over the years, that there is so much freeleech it's becoming too easy to leech without seeding. (And yet, members still manage to get disabled for running their ratio into the dirt. Come on, people, even I can do basic math.)

Therefore, beginning immediately, no new 720p files will be made freeleech. In addition, over the coming months, those 720p files that have been "set free" will have their freeleech status removed. You will still find a huge amount of freeleech on the site that you can use to build yourself a ratio buffer. And there will still be the Show of the Day and Staff Picks. Frankly, even with the 720s removed, you could spend years downloading nothing but freeleech without running out of things to watch.

(For those who want to make sure their 1080p uploads meet the criteria, there's Information

Because we realize that such changes are painful, and that you, our cherished members, have never been inclined to suffer in silence, we've started a thread that you can use to tell us why our decision is a drastic mistake, morally reprehensible, and one of the top ten reasons Star Trek: Discovery ended early. Please register your gripes here: 720p Files Will Not be Made Freeleech Anymore Do bear in mind, however, that this is not a democracy. The aristocracy wields the whip. We allow you to scream in pain, but it doesn't alter how hard we swing.