Nothing helps potential downloaders get an idea of a torrent's content than some well-taken screenshots. Screenshots are a vital addition to any upload's torrent-specific info area. Screenshots often make the difference when one decides whether to download or not, increasing a torrent's chances of being well-seeded long into the future. Yes they really are that important, but for some reason we've noticed many recent uploaders (and some otherwise very good ones at that) have been neglecting to add screens and that just aint cool. Up to this point we haven't made screenshot inclusion on torrents mandatory, but it's an idea that comes up frequently and will likely be implemented in the near future.

The process of learning how to take screenshots and add them to a imagehost is very easy and help is always available (IRC/Forums) if our on-site guides are not enough. Most of us are aware that many popular imagehosts of the past have become unreliable, but that's no reason to throw in the towel and stop adding them, there are still several image hosts that are rolling along just fine (personally I've been using imgbox for several years now). And in instances where the images expire, adding them initially still gave those torrents that all-important boost to start out with.

Our best members have always known how important adding images is to the site and have been doing so all along. Some of these superstars (you know who you are) have even updated the image links if/when they expire or have been adding screens to shows that never had them here. In celebration of these pros, and those who do things the right way (along with any newbs who are eager to learn) we announce the TVV SCREENSHOT ENCOURAGEMENT CONTEST (rules, info etc in previous link). And remember, you do not necessarily have to upload torrents to participate in the contest. Contest starts on Sunday, June 3rd and runs until July 1st