A few notices and precautions

1. For security reasons, support for qBitTorrent 4.5.0/4.5.1 is removed.
In addition, all clients with the keywords Beta, Alpha, and Enhanced are also disabled.
Only allow Use the official stable version, please update

2. We are planning to disable the following boxes to connect to this site Tracker:
*Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
*Amazon Web SERVICES (AWS)
*Microsoft Azure (AZ)

We allow the use of boxes, but prohibit the use of shared Types, including shared IP or hard disk, etc.
If it is found that there is suspicion of using the trading platform to brush on behalf of the account, the account will be directly banned. Please check yourself!

3. This site is a small workshop, and it is only shared in a small area on the site. Please do not spread it at will,
especially for those who share links to online disks, their accounts will be directly disabled.

4. Please publish in a standardized manner, and refuse to pack randomly

. People, you have me, everyone has it.
Please take a positive attitude and replant the old ones that have been re-upped.

6. Recommend an unofficial TG group, please join if you need it:
https://t.me/+ VWB6JQC55CLvs8UM

7. Although I will be late for the anniversary celebration, I will never be absent.
Due to some special reasons, I am delayed this time, sorry! So it is very important to back up your browser's cookies, in case of emergency
Medal: https://totheglory.im/mall.php?cid=5