Change in the Rules .. !!!

Dear member,

Now the Rules of Hit & Run and seedtime have changed.

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When you complete a torrent you MUST seed (share)
for 24 hours and you have 7 days to do it. If after 7 days your total seed
time is less than 24 hours, you get a Hit & Run.

Once you have been warned with 3 Hit & Runs, you are banned for three days from downloading
immediately, and you will have 30 days to remove them, if during these 30 days you get
2 more Hit & Runs (ie 5 Hit & Runs), you will be banned from Tspate definitely!

To learn how not to accumulate Hit & Runs, see THE FAQ and the Site Rules.

And remember that sharing is a sign of respect for the work of uploaders and to
all members.

Regards the Staff