It's a new year here at TransmiThe.Net, full of promise and optimism.

A new chance to wipe the slate clean and soldier on as we further our mission to develop the absolute best user experience that our little corner of the internet has to offer.

It's this continuing mission and our excitement to pursue it that led the staff team to conclude that we want YOU the user to help spread this energy around.

What does this mean exactly? Well you might've noticed a new metric at the top of your screen for Invites...and that you have one available! Use this golden ticket to invite someone you know and trust to TtN to share in the fun and content.

Just be very aware of our new rules regarding invites, conveniently located at the top of your invite page.

Above all else, strive to invite those who truly want to share in our community. At the end of the day we are only as good as the community we are a part of...let's strive to be the best!

// So say we all