Introducing: New TV Donors Lotto Prize Darw, posted 2 days ago

Announcing the new monthly prize draw for donating TV members!

This will be run every month until further notice and will hopefully become a popular permanent feature.

We are excited to bring you this new feature, but since we are still in November, for this occasion only the December draw will also include all users who donated throughout November and there will be more prizes!

Here's how it's going to work:

Each month three users will be chosen at random from those who donated that month, i.e. 1st, 2nd & 3rd prize.

Each donation (VIP and GB) will automatically enter the user into that months draw.

Users will be entered each time they donate, so those who donate more than once will have a greater chance of winning a prize.

Users may only win one prize each month. If someone wins a prize in a draw, they are excluded from winning a further prize in that month.

To make this fair and more fun I have written an IRC bot that will select the winners at random on the 1st of the month and announce the winners of the previous month in the main TV IRC channel (#tv).

Our IRC channel has become very quiet lately, so we would love to see as many users as possible active in our IRC channel each month for the draw. As well as the main prizes, there will be other smaller random prizes for users chatting in the channel at the staff's discretion. These will be GB prizes and will only be handed out to active, chatting users, not idlers or lurkers.

All prizes are at the discretion of staff. Some months the prizes may be bigger, during holidays or special occasions etc. Usual prizes will be GB & invites, although we may well throw in the odd VIP prize now and again to keep it interesting.

The prize breakdown for each month will be announced at the beginning of that month.

Since this is the first draw and we are including November, we want to make it a good one, so the prize breakdown is as follows:

1st Prize = 150GB + 10 invites
2nd Prize = 125GB + 8 invites
3rd Prize = 100GB + 6 invites
4th Prize = 75GB + 4 invites
5th Prize = 50GB + 2 invites
6th Prize = 25GB + 1 invite

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our donating members for their continued support and assistance in meeting our server costs each month. We hope this added bonus will make it more appealing and be a bit of fun too.

There is a forum post where you can discuss the draw and ask questions HERE

Good luck!

// Ze0de & TV Staff