Dear users,

time flies, and this is the last call for some of you to be or not to be on our website, because people who have not downloaded anything since registration and have not sent out legally will be removed without the possibility of returning.

Observers on TL.PL are not needed by the crew or :!:

users. The same applies to people who do not seed by law .
Please click on your nickname and expand Torrents Complete. Everything that is red must be sent out immediately.
To the standard user question "What to do if I don't have this insert anymore", we answer: re-download and seed.
Of course, you can also not seed at all, but choose the appropriate form from the SUPPORT tab.

We give you the last chance to repair your accounts, and
from Monday 07/11/2022. we will start banning the so-called observers and leeches .

The crew of TL.PL