Dear Users,

We delayed this thought for a long time and kept hoping that this would not happen, but there were financial problems.
Well, we're out of stock and we don't have the funds to pay for the servers.
That is why we are forced to ask you for help.

People who are not indifferent to the fate of TL, please donate - more info in this topic:

Additionally, we have prepared a special promotion for you: - receiving the TL Elite
rank for 4 weeks = PLN 20. - receiving the Elite TL rank for 8 weeks = PLN 35. - receiving the Elite TL rank for 6 months = PLN 75. - Obtaining the Elite TL rank

for 1 year = PLN 120.
- removal of complete and incomplete torrents = PLN 45.

Promotion period: October 18 to October 31.

He quotes:

Description of the rank Elite TL
A person especially appreciated and exceptionally treated by the crew.
He has Free Leech on all torrents (even those not marked with Free Leech), i.e. the account statistics will not count how much data he has downloaded and he does not have to seed the downloaded positions - he will not be punished with a warn or a ban for this.
Torrents downloaded while holding a rank are immediately marked as seated (blue in the background).
Additionally, it has the same privileges as VIP .

In line with the idea - strength in unity ... that is why we strongly believe that we will deal with this problem together.

, crew