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Spring In My Area

Spring is already full, so it's a great opportunity to take amazing photos of your area. We count on your incredibly vivid imagination and incredible creativity in capturing this beautiful season.

The theme of the competition can be understood very broadly and that's what this is all about. It is important that the theme of the competition is the topic related to spring.


- Topics: spring
- Number of user's 1 proposals: 1
- Format: any
- Dimensions: no limit
- Hosting: any (eg imgur )

In this topic, we only post competition works
The picture must be taken by hand (all types of fraud detected will be "rewarded" accordingly). You also can not retouch, enhance, embellish photos with any graphic programs!

: Hooray: AWARDS: : Hooray:

1st place - TL Elita rank for 8 weeks + 300 GB upload + 6 invitations + any entry
2nd place - TL rank of Elita for 4 weeks + 200 GB upload + 4 invitations + any entry
3rd place - rank TL elite for a period of 2 weeks + 100 GB upload + 2 invitations + any additional entries

will receive 10 GB of upload and 1 invitation .

We start the fun on 20/04/2019. and we finish on 12/05/2019. at 23:59.
The decision in the form of a questionnaire in which you can cast votes until 14/05/2017 .

(In the case of many applications, the crew will choose the final nineteen.)

The official announcement of results - 15/04/2019.

We count on your creativity

TL Crew