Uploaders wanted

As you know, uploading on TorrentLeech is a closed priviledge : only the elite of the elites grated that option! Ever wanted to be a part of that?

Now is your chance! We are looking for a few selected uploaders, to complete our never-ending collection of new and past releases! More spesifically, if you can say YES to ALL of the below dots,

You know how to make torrent/upload
You have MINIMUM 100mbit upload speed(10 MB/sec)
You have access to scene or respected P2P sources. All nfos should be intact, and provided when uploading
drop me a PM --> here! <--

More spesifically, if you have axx/know anyone from groups such as FraMeSToR or EPSiLON , make sure you make contact.

Enjoy the site!