Thank you everyone for participating in our holiday contests! emoji

Through our daily gifts boxes, we managed to give away:
- 63 VIP days emoji
- 440 FL tokens emoji
- 1099 Invites emoji
- 185 TB of Upload emoji
- 22 Million Bonus Points emoji

The winners of the 1 month Super Hero Pro seedboxes from are: onemoregeeky and 2327595358. Congratulations!!! Your prizes will be emailed shortly.

Please make sure to check out our Contests threads as well, the winners will be announced shortly:
- Holiday Lights (and/or decorations) Giveaway hosted by Grommash
- Christmas/Holiday Movie Upload Contest hosted by FBKina
- Christmas Counting Contest hosted by PewPew

We'd like to wish you all once again happy holidays and a beautiful new year!!!

Global Freeleech activated until 2nd of January!