Earn 20BP/hour from us

Help us test our new announcer "Wildfire" and earn 20BP/hour! For more information and to leave us feedback check out our announcement.


Wildfire Announcer

Earn 20BP/hour for free by helping us test out our new announcer "Wildfire".

If you encounter any problems with it please reply to this topic.

On every torrent there's a new button called "Beta Download (20BP/hour)". Download your torrents through that and you'll be using our new announcer, that automatically activates the Bonus which you can check on the Bonus page.



  1. Having multiple torrents added does NOT increase your bonus. The bonus is strictly active/inactive depending on whether you're using it or not.
  2. Do NOT move all your torrents to Wildfire, this announcer is experimental!
  3. This announcer can go down for maintenance AT ANY POINT IN TIME! Do not expect 100% uptime for it as it's a work in progress.

1. But why?
We are growing really fast and we need a beefier announcer that won't lag or cause issues with future growth.

2. How many torrents can I add to it?
There's no limit, but I encourage everyone to just test maximum 5 and keep an eye on them. Do not add a bunch, as you might encounter problems.

3. Is this announcer based on anything out there? Are any other trackers using it?
No, this announcer is built from scratch and custom tailored for TorrentDB.net

Known Issues:
1. Peers do not get updated on the torrents' page.
2. History does not get updated on completion.
3. Errors out blocking the torrent client.