The end is nigh!

For open signup on TBy, that is. Most likely, at least. Nothing like a dramatic start to get the blood flowing, eh?

We've been working in the background for a while now to have an invite based signup for the site, instead of the open signup we've been known for around 13 years of the sites existence. So... an end of an era, you might say.

We've not exactly yet have set the exact bases to the part of what you are allowed to do with the possible invites you may get, or the basis for how you can earn invites, but you can expect "the usual" rules on those, so if your account is in poor standing stat wise, is very new or irregularly used, it'll be quite safe to bet there won't be many invites coming your way. Also, as per usually, the inviter will most likely be held responsible for their invitee(s) behavior.

Ideas? Wishes? Suggestions? Anything you wish to say about this? Here you go!