Introducing "New Categories"

We are excited to announce a number of new features with our latest update, including refined movie categories. These changes have been carefully crafted to improve your browsing experience. We have also Changed several new icons meant to improve the aesthetic appeal and give you a more visually appealing and pleasant experience. Here is a summary of the changes:

❐ "Movies: Lossless Blu-Ray (REMUX)" category has now been divided into two distinct categories: Lossless 1080p Blu-Ray (REMUX) and Lossless 4K/2160p Blu-Ray (REMUX), ensuring a more precise classification.

❐ "Movies: WEB-DL|WEBRip" category classification has evolved into three separate sections: 4K/2160p WEB-DL, WEB-DL, and WEBRip. This segmentation brings enhanced clarity to your choices.

❐ "TV: Episodes- 720p | 1080p | 2160p" has categorized it into two divisions, HD and UHD.

❐ "TV: Packs - 720p | 1080p | 2160p" has categorized it into two divisions, HD and UHD.

❐ "Games: Backup" separated the game backups from the Games: PC category.

◈◈◈ More details ◈◈◈

❖ Movies: Lossless 4k Blu-Ray (REMUX): Previously 4k Remuxes were included in "Movies: 4K Blu-Ray" category. We have added a completely separate category for this. From now "4k Blu-Ray Remuxes (2160p)" will be placed on "Movies: Lossless 4k Blu-Ray" category. "4K (2160p) Blu-ray" movies will still be placed in the "Movies: 4K Blu-ray" category as earlier.

❖ Movies: Lossless 1080p Blu-Ray (REMUX): Earlier 1080p Blu-Ray Remuxes were included in "Movies: Lossless Blu-Ray" category. Now we have come up with a completely separate category for it. "1080p Blu-Ray Remux" movies will be placed in "Movies: Lossless 1080p Blu-Ray" category.

❖ Movies: 2160p Blu-Ray: This section used to offer both Remux 4k/2160p and 4k/2160p Blu-rays, but from now on, it will exclusively feature 4k Blu-rays.

❖ Movies: 4K WEB-DL: Formerly "4K (2160p) WEB-DL" movies were not included in any separate category. Now, we have created a separate category for "4K (2160p) WEB-DLs". So, you must select "Movies: 4K WEB-DL" category for "4K (2160p) WEB-DLs" from now on. It will accommodate both HDR and SDR.

❖ Movies: WEB-DL: Before this update, all WEB-DL movies were in "Movies: WEB-DL|WEBRip" category and it has now been changed. We have specified "Movies: WEB-DL" category for "1080p WEB-DL" & "720p WEB-DL" movies.

❖ Movies: WEBRip: This is completely a new category. From now on all quality of "WEBRip" movies will stay in this category. 2160p, 1080p, 720p & SD WEBRips will be placed in this category.

❖ Movies: CAM|TS|TC|Pre-DVD|DVDScr : Previously Movies: CAM|TS|TC|Pre-DVD and Movies: DVDScr, were two separate categories. Now these two sections have been merged into one. So all these prints will be placed in this category.

❖ TV: Episodes- 720p | 1080p : In this category, there used to be 2160p content before as well. But currently, we have been categorized as the HD section. So, Only 720p & 1080p Episodes will be placed this category.

❖ TV: Episodes- 2160p : We separated UHD (Ultra High Definition) category features at 2160p Episodes category, commonly known as 4K . we have completely separated this category to make it easy for viewers to select content based on their preferences and device capabilities. Both HDR and SDR will into this category.

❖ TV: Packs- 720p | 1080p : Previously UHD (Ultra High Definition) seasons was in this category but we have separated it completely as HD Seasons. This section will only contain 720p and 1080p season packs.

❖ TV: Packs- 2160p : Despite the fact that there was previously no distinct category for 2160p season packs or UHD content, we've included this area to guarantee a required and fulfilling entertainment experience. Both HDR and SDR will be included in this group.

❖ Games: Backup : For a better browsing and search experience we have split up the Games: PC category. All game backups will be uploaded to this new group.

In addition, We have redesigned all the icons to make our categories more beautiful and attractive.