Explanation regarding a recent situation

There are certain things that we have given solely for members so that they can understand the uploader or the content is trusted. We have kept those certain things open purposefully for the sake of freedom of member's own choice. We won't change the system nor will we implement any rules on those systems just because of some shameless group of people but if we find them getting exploited, actions will be taken. Have some self-respect and also respect the system. We work day and night so that you can get our services seamlessly free of charge. We are not asking you to respect us but try to respect what you use for your own needs, especially if it costs nothing to avail. If your action disrupts the system's main agenda, there will be no consideration even if it is not mentioned in our rules section.

If you are not breaking any rules or exploiting anything, then you can avoid this thread without any tension. We had to seize certain member's activity because they decided to exploit it as a pack. This thread is for those who are doing it and sort of a warning. If you are not understanding the purpose of this thread, then it means it is not meant for you. Certain people will get it.