Rules regarding sending referrals

Everyone that is sending referrals, please keep these in mind before doing so:

- Do not refer/invite an unknown person. If they had an account previously we’ll terminate your account as well. We don’t take these offences lightly!

- If you’re trying to invite a family member, they must have their separate device. We do not allow running multiple accounts on the same device. Our system will flag such accounts and we usually ban such users without warning.

- If the person shares the same network connection on a different device, then you MUST contact support with their email ID AFTER sending the invite. The invitee MUST NOT fillup their application before we give the green signal.

- Your invitee MUST be a resident of Bangladesh. We’ll not accept any users from outside for the time being.

- If they are using a VPN/Proxy they MUST turn it off. They must apply from a broadband connection. Mobile networks and devices are not allowed for signup.

- If someone’s application gets rejected for wrong answers, they can try again using a different email.

- Do NOT attempt to fill up the application for your invitee. If we detect such behaviour we’ll permanently restrict your invite permission.

- Invite people that have some basic knowledge about torrenting. This is a private tracker. We expect users to have some knowledge regarding torrents before joining.
If they don’t know anything then they must read the Top FAQ section to get some basic idea.

- Our application system is pretty easy. A 3-5 min read through FAQ section is enough to answer all our questions. So don’t just feed the answers to your invitee. Let them read and understand themselves. Otherwise their journey here might be short lived!