TorrentBD Discord Server

Hello Everyone! You were requesting for an official Discord server lately, so we've set one up for you. The main purpose of this server is to engage with our existing user base in a casual way, it's like a communicating media for our users. Nothing confidential will be shared through Discord. So when joining the server, make sure to read the #rules & #faq channel thoroughly to know more about how this server will operate.

You must follow these key rules: As this Discord Server is for communicating only,
Don't Bring Up Any Site & Account Related Queries.
Don't Share Any Confidential Information & Materials.
Don't Request For Any Type of Invitation.
Don't Share Discord Invite Link Publicly.
You Must Use Your Site Username in Our Discord Server.

There are several text channels for separate topics in the server. Their channel topics are described below -

⦿ #tbd-only:
⤷ Channel for all registered users of TorrentBD. No specific topic. You can do any kind of casual conversation.

⦿ #newbies-den :
⤷ You can reveal your deepest & silliest queries regarding torrents & TorrentBD without worrying about people's judgment. Here, no one will mock you for your limited knowledge about torrents.

⦿ #anime :
⤷ A dedicated channel for the weebs out there. Everything related to anime should be discussed in here.

⦿ #tvseries-fanatics :
⤷ For discussing anything related to TVs. You can share reviews, ask for reviews, throw suggestions etc.

⦿ #movie-maniacs :
⤷ Dedicated channel for all the hardcore movie fans. Any discussion/suggestion/review related to movies are allowed here.

⦿ #gaming :
⤷ A dedicated channel for all the gamers out there.

⦿ #encoding-ripping :
⤷ For the existing encoders/rippers of TorrentBD and users who want to learn encoding. Asking about any private ripping tools is not allowed.

⦿ #seedbox-serves :
⤷ Here you can discuss about seedbox/servers, post your experience & suggest users.

⦿ #workshop :
⤷ A channel where you can share your original works with fellow TBD users.

⦿ #memes :
⤷ Yes! A dedicated channel for memes.

⦿ #external-trackers :
⤷ This channel is for discussing any foreign external trackers. Asking for an invitation to any tracker is not allowed.

⦿ #tickets :
⤷ Channel to submit any request/report/suggestion only regarding the Discord Server.

You Are Free To Join The Server. Thank You For Being Part Of The Family.