Attention all uploaders!

Recently we have noticed that some uploaders are using large piece sizes which is creating a massive bottleneck for the entire swarm.
Please stick to below mentioned piece sizes for your future uploads. Pieces greater than 16 MiB are no longer allowed!

Files up to 50MiB: 32KiB piece size
Files 50MiB to 150MiB: 64KiB piece size
Files 150MiB to 350MiB: 128KiB piece size
Files 350MiB to 512MiB: 256KiB piece size
Files 512MiB to 1.0GiB: 512KiB piece size
Files 1.0GiB to 2.0GiB: 1MiB piece size
Files 2.0GiB to 4.0GiB: 2MiB piece size
Files 4.0GiB to 8.0GiB: 4MiiB piece size
Files 8.0GiB to 16.0GiB: 8MiB piece size
Files 16.0GiB and up: 16MiB piece size

*Using larger pieces won't make your metafile significantly smaller. Metafile end up being large mainly due to multiple files or folders.
*Anyone found using large chunks will be barred from uploading.