Show/Hide Regarding Local Content Piracy :

Recently we have noticed that some unconventional users intentionally or unintentionally uploading or requesting for local pirated content. If they have any sense should know that our own Cybercrime division has become more aware of such things and being vigilant about this, even they took down several local torrent sites for that. We do not wish to be entangled in such cases neither we encourage in pirating our own content. Why? because owners have jurisdiction here, where for foreign contents there is no jurisdiction at first and secondly foreign contents are never meant to be released beyond their continent so, being pirated here doesn't even hinge/put a dent to their content royalty. So, we urge our users to be vicious and please refrain from such activities which may endanger the status of our site and for your own well-being.
So anybody who searches/requests/uploads local pirated content we'll welcome them out of the site without any prior notice.