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Hello members
You can get vip membership to enjoy many privileges and gifts.
There is a year-end campaign for VIP memberships for 1 month 40 TL instead of 25 TL, for 3 months 70 TL instead of 50 TL, for 6 months 120 TL instead of 90 TL, for 12 months 240 TL instead of 150 TL.

In addition, as a Vip member;
* By supporting our site, you help all our releases to be server supported.
* Your download volume does not count, only your upload
* Asterisk comes next to your nickname
* You will get 24x7 support
* You can download releases in the Vip category.
* You download the new movies first.
* You only download Discography albums that we offer to Vip members.
Remember that these prices are valid for a short time.