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Server move / Seedbonus / Ratio

Hello TSC Community,

As you have probably noticed, we moved to a more powerful server after 7 years.
- better CPU
- more RAM
- more memory
- more events, more GB
All this contributes to a much better result in the performance and in the daily handling of TSC, of ​​course, so everything costs also money what we like, of course, day after day, month after month, year after year for you tribes ..... ....

With the move, there were also one or the other problems:
- page errors
- Seed bonus
- nginx error
- etc.

page errors:
This must be adapted for each page extra, because we do not see everything we ask you, you notice what on where that is not right please PM Team or just write to a Staffer. (including link or even better a screen)

For a lot of a red torrents, we know. Nevertheless, we are of the opinion that this is all justified, we have so far given away virtually 1TB for just 26k / seed points.

What can I do on TSC to improve / maintain my ratio:
(there are so many possibilities here)
- Seed until the doctor comes
- Upload
- Sunday Brunch with Toffiefee (10-13 clock incl. Radio Quiz with GB wins)
- Use root server
- Donate

Donations have been redesigned (donations are on TSC alone M****** responsible for):
- Bitcoins fall away
- Paysafecard still up to date
- Paypal / only after arrangement with M******

TSC Events
We often organize major events on the radio where there are Amazon cards, paysafecards and any amount of GB to win, this form of profits are based on radio events, so it's worth listening to.

Ratio below 0.7:
Please all users with a ratio below 0.7 may note that after 3 VW accounts are deleted. Unfortunately, we always have to deal with such things as, my Internet was not, I knew nothing, etc. An alt consists of users / members and just as you expect us to do it all, we expect that from you as well.

Last but not least:
TSC is a strong community for more than 10 years now, we are open to new ideas and suggestions from you, we are open to people / members who want to contribute (upload, support team, suggestions for improvement, Radio DJ, etc etc. etc.)

TSC Staff