Hello TmGians,

Hope you guys are doing good & enjoying releases from TmG

In the wake of recent changes made in the site, there have been a lot of queries regarding ratio & how upload credit can be increased for downloading torrents in future.

While looking for solutions to those problems, we came to know that most of the users are not making use of SEED-BONUS which is a gift from TmGHuB to its users for preserving the principle of P2P - Sharing Back What You Take

This is How it Works :

For every torrent you keep seeding on your torrent client, the system reward you with 1 point every hour.
For Eg, If you have 5 torrents & you kept it for seeding, the system adds 5 x 1 = 5 points to your account per hour.
It works even if nobody is downloading from you.

Once you have enough SEED-BONUS, you can use it to purchase upload credit which helps you improve your ratio & you don't have to worry about getting your account pruned

CLICK HERE to view your current SEED-BONUS

TmGHub is purely ratio based site. Fail to keep minimum ratio will result in a Permanent Ban!

TmGHuB Staff